- - What are your Covid-Safe processes?

I strictly follow covid state and national policies, I am triple Covid-19 vaccinated (with official Government certification).

I have taken multiple Covid tests (all came back negative), to ensure not only myself but most importantly to keep you safe as well.

I am also the person responsible for delivering your cakes, as there will be no third party handling your cake package and I will deliver in-person and with a mask on.

If requested, I will leave the cake at your doorstep but I rather hand the cake over to you (or see your pick up the cake from a distance) as the cake needs to be refrigerated.


- - Why the minimum 3 day order?
The unique cake designs takes a few days to make and can not be made within a day.

- - Where do you deliver?
Majority of Sydney metropolitan. We do not deliver to other Australian states or internationally.

- - Who will be delivering the cake(s)?
I, Dante, will be personally delivering the cake(s). For any reason I can not deliver the cake(s), I will arrange an alternative method.

- - What if I am not at the delivery address?
Both parties will agree on a delivery time upon check out, if you know you will not be at the address, please contact Onyx Hive on info@onyxhive.com.au or SMS 0432 246 836 to arrange an alternative address.

Example: You can request to leave the delivery to someone other than yourself who is at the address, leave the delivery with a neighbour or leave it in a safe place.

Note: Leaving the cake in a safe place is **NOT** recommended as the cake needs to be refrigerated ASAP. Onyx Hive is not responsible for any person(s) not delivering the product to the original buyer, if missing from the safe place or other elements affecting the cake such as weather. The delivery driver will take a picture(s) if the cake is requested to leave in a safe place.

- - What if I missed you?
If no one is at the address to receive the product and no prior communication on an alternative delivery request has been made, an additional delivery fee will be payable once a second delivery arrangement has been made. Alternatively, you can arrange for yourself or someone else to pick up the product during our pick up times.

Note: There are no refunds of the full product purchase price if you refuse to pay for a second delivery charge or refuse to pick up. Please communicate with us on a reasonable solution to deliver your cake.

- - Can I nominate someone else to receive the delivery or to pick up?
Yes. You can nominate anyone (friend, family, neighbour, receptionist, work colleague etc..) to receive the delivery or to pick up. Please leave their full name upon checkout, if you forget to add additional notes, please email us at info@onyxhive.com.au or SMS 0432 246 836 with your order number and message.

Note: If you nominate a neighbour, please provide their address. Onyx Hive is not responsible for any person(s) not delivering the product to the original buyer.

- - I have changed my delivery address, is it too late to change?
No, it’s not too late to change the delivery address if the product is NOT already in transit. Please email us at info@onyxhive.com.au or SMS 0432 246 836 to change your delivery address.

Promo Code Use

- - What are the terms & conditions?
* Promo codes can only be used on our website
* Onyx Hive reserves the right to modify or cancel any codes at any time
* Each code can be used only once, unless otherwise specified
* Can not be exchanged for cash
* If you purchase a product with a code and you're eligible for a refund, we will subtract the value of the promotional code from your refund
* Only one product code can be used per transaction and therefore cannot be combined or stacked with other product codes

- - Who can use the code?
Anyone can use the code in our website if it meets our T&Cs and requirements.

- - I received a unique code, can I give it to someone else?

Unique promo codes are given to specific accounts and can not be used multiple times, unless stated otherwise.

Onyx Hive can disable unique codes if the code has been abused. For example: The code being shared in a public forum for the public to use.

- - I lost my code, what do I do?
Email us at info@onyxhive.com.au or contact us through social media, please provide any details such as your order number and name to confirm your identity to retrieve your lost code.

- - My code doesn't work.
There are a few reasons why:
* Code does not meet requirements. Example: Minimum spend
* Code not eligible for certain products

If you believe the code should be applied, please contact us and provide details

Gift Card Use

- - What are the terms & conditions?
* Digital gift cards can only be used on our website
* No physical cards will be issued
* Gift cards never expire
* Each digital gift card can be used multiple times until the balance reaches $0.00
* Can not be exchanged for cash, converted to other forms of currency
* Promo codes can not be used to purchase gift cards
* Can not be topped up, must purchase a new gift card

- - I received a gift card, can I give it to someone else?
Yes. The person owning the gift card is responsible for the safety of the code and treat the code as if it was their own monetary possession.

Onyx Hive is not responsible for any gift cards that intentionally or unintentionally falls into another persons possession and used on our website.

- - I lost my code, what do I do?
Email us at info@onyxhive.com.au.

The digital gift card will be issued to the original e-mail address when the gift card was purchased. This process can not be bypassed and the reissue can not be sent to any other e-mail address.

If the purchaser entered the wrong receiver's e-mail, the gift card will be sent to the purchaser to forward the gift card. Onyx Hive is not responsible for the purchaser not sending the gift card to the receiver.

- - How do I check my balance?
After entering the gift card code upon checkout, the balance will show.

- - Can I get a refund?
If a refund is agreed to gift cards that has not been used, the full amount will be refunded back to the original payment.

If a purchase has been made by the gift card and is eligible for a refund, the refund will go back to the gift card. If you spent over the gift card amount, the amount over will be refunded back to your original payment.


- - Can I Custom Make My Cake?
Yes, please visit the custom order page [here](https://onyxhive.com.au/cakes/customcakes).

Limitations: Combinations can only be selected within our cake range. For example: Onyx Hive does not offer a caramel cake, thus a caramel cake can not be requested.

- - Do you offer Halal options?
Yes, my ingredients for Halal cakes are either Halal or Halal certified and will be replaced with my non-halal cake versions.

Some Halal ingredients used are:
* Chef's Choice Halal gelatin sheets
* Western Star butter
* Colour Mill and/or Chefmaster colouring
* Cadbury Chocolate
* Bulla Thickened Cream

- - Can I make a phone order?
Yes, please phone me on 0432 246 836. Please keep in mind, if you do order through the phone, I will be using my website to place the order with you.